When most people think of zip lining they think of resort attractions and a one-time adventure, equal parts scary and exciting. For some people, however, flying down a cable is their daily commute. As much as the idea of not having to deal with morning traffic does sound appealing, these cables are often not nearly as well taken care of like the ones at ZiplineX.

Back up the hill, the woman who owned the home in whose backyard we were standing came out the front door and introduced herself as Ney Riaño. She explained that the cable had been put up by loggers about 60 years ago and was maintained by the local community. On an average day, it is used by about 15 people, mostly farmers going back and forth to fields on the other side of the valley, in what must be the world’s most harrowing daily commute. The half-minute ride spares them a hike of two to four hours up and down a steep path through the forest.

Press reports differ as to how many locals have fallen from the Rio Negro valley’s makeshift cables. One story claimed that 22 people have plunged to their deaths over the years. Mario and Hector told us they thought the number of victims was more like three. The most recent fatality occurred in 2004, when a 34-year-old man named Alvaro Rey was decapitated while trying to cross with two other passengers lashed to him (they both survived). He’d already used the cable earlier that day to pass two beds, a dog house, chickens, a television, a stereo, and three chairs across the valley without a hitch.

So when you stare down our courses that meet or surpasses the ASTM standards and are inspected annually by a certified State of Washington inspector in your secure safety harness, helmet, gloves, knowing that our equipment and courses are inspected daily you can breathe a sigh of relief

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