At ZiplineX we don’t let some falling water stop us from experiencing adventure! There is too much fun to be had and this is the Pacific Northwest! there is going to be some rain. Rain does not change our cancellation or refund policy. However, we at ZiplineX also want to make sure your trip is safe, as well as exciting, so in the event of lightning, high winds, ice, snow, or freezing we will suspend and potentially cancel your tour. If your tour is canceled because of weather you are welcome to “raincheck” your zip line experience to a nicer day!

ZiplineX is the most popular zip lining tour in Washington and only 45 mins from Portland, Or. If you are looking for the best zip line tour in the Washington and Oregon you can choose from our 8 zip lines and 8 aerial bridges. Click to learn more about The Zip Line Course at ZiplineX.

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