At ZiplineX we want to make sure you have the most fun on your tour! There are a few steps you should take before you get here to guarantee you have the best possible time.

Don’t Zipline Sick

Listen we want you here, we really do. We love sending people flying down the line across canyons and rivers and through the trees. But if you are sick or hungover this is not going to be a fun experience for you. If you give us a call 72 hours ahead we can reschedule for when you are feeling better.

Wear The Proper Clothes To Zipline

Wearing the right clothes while zip lining is incredibly important and can impact your experience. Comfortable clothing is a must, especially clothing that covers where the harness will hold you has you hang from the line. Closed-toe shoes are a must while zip lining since you don’t want to loose those flip-flops or strappy shoes.

Don’t Bring More Than You Need Zip Lining

Listen we know you wanna bring your awesome camera so you can get that awesome shot while you are flying down the line and it’s a great idea! Until it falls. Don’t bog yourself down with too many gadgets and things you have to hold onto. The goal is to only carry yourself across our aerial bridges and down the zip lines.

ZiplineX is the most popular zip lining tour in Washington and only 45 mins from Portland, Oregon. When they book their zip line tour they’ll be able to choose from our 8 zip lines and 8 aerial bridges. We also have a training course available to try out before going zip lining above the treetops. A ZiplineX gift certificate is a great gift way to start your zip line adventure. Check out our Zip Line Course.

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