Can I show up to ZiplineX without booking my adventure ahead of time?

Yes, if you’re willing to accept the risk of coming out here and possibly not catching a launch. We are happy to squeeze you in at the last minute but if others have already booked up all our tours, you’ll be out of luck for the day. Feel free to call 503-520-0303 before heading over or take a minute to Book a Zip Line Tour Online!



Explore Our Zip Line Course!

Visit our Zip Line Course page to get a peek of what ZiplineX has to offer. Our zip line course includes 8 aerial bridges, 8 zip lines, multiple ladders and a spiral staircase. ZiplineX is designed to be High, Fast and Challenging. You’ll begin on a training zip line that is 24 feet off the ground and as you move through the course it becomes higher, faster and more exciting. Zip line among the treetops 300 ft high and cross Canyon Creek twice.