The individual adventurer is a daredevil of the highest order. To conquer the day with nothing at your back but the wind and sky is bravery embodied. But, as tempting as it sounds to simply and spontaneously chuff the day-to-day grind and escape to the wild for extended periods, that simply isn’t in the cards for everyone, regardless of the brassy herald of the call of the wild.

Now, what if I told you that a few, simple hours of wild abandon, soaring between the impossibly towering trees of the Pacific Northwest were the special of the day on your life-adventure menu?

Seekers, explorers and risk-takers of all sorts; may we turn your attention to the myriad of exhilarating ways you can while away a day with Zipline X. Traverse springy aerial bridges while they sway perilously in the air, fly through the treetops, unfettered by all your solo adventurer gear, and hike up, over, and through the dense and verdant forests while the thrilled voices of enthusiastic revelers drift from the treetops.

Zipline X offers a course that takes you increasingly higher and becomes more strenuous, encouraging participants to find courage they might not have known they had, and giving them the experience of a lifetime – which is the spirit of adventure, after all.

Individual adventurer, we salute you. Yours is the experience that is the most fully realized because you alone are the captain. We can’t wait to watch you soar.

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