Fallen into a dating rut? Grown bored of the same few cafes, restaurants and bars that are the hallmarks of first dates? Maybe it’s time to shake up your dating repertoire. Instead of working up to heart pounding, weak-kneed, breathless action, consider starting with some.

Zipline X understands that planning the first date can be harrowing, it only makes sense to channel that anxiety into an activity that will have your date screaming with laughter and exhilaration right off the bat. Skip the nervous dinner or the neighborhood bar and show your date that you’re a thrilling, one of a kind risk taker. And level the playing field by getting out of the fussy, typical first date attire and into harnesses and helmets. Bonus, see what your date looks like with helmet hair!

At Zipline X, you and your potential flame will traverse aerial bridges as they swing romantically (but not dramatically), climb breathtakingly sky-high zip line towers and soar through the treetops, experiencing a one of kind adventure that neither of you will forget anytime soon.

Before you resign yourself to your same old dating standby, consider an afternoon adventuring with the team at Zipline X; our highly trained staff will make sure you and your paramour remain safe and sound as you scream through the trees, climb new heights, and face wild challenges together. And we only partly claim responsibility for any feelings you may catch in the process.

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