We’re in peak summer – have you filed your adventure card yet? The Pacific Northwest is known for our mild summers that we residents pack with as much outdoor activity as possible before the cloudy fall and winter is upon us. Most thrill seekers have an action plan to maximize the summer starting with the arrival of the first sunny day. Many other outdoorsy types let adventure come for them instead. Others still spend many a balmy afternoon considering what adventure could possibly lie out there if they only had an opportunity to indulge. At ZiplineX, we love ’em all.

For many urbanites, summer fun translates to backyard BBQs and craft beer porches; the season demands that we all get out and enjoy some sun! And sometimes, even the most urbane urbanite must heed the call of the wild – regardless of their cosmopolitan constitution.

At ZiplineX, we cater to the less than rugged, novice adventurer. Our zip line course gradually increases in height, gently acclimating first-time zip-liners. Our professionals are as fun as they are compassionate, and they are more than ready to make your first zip line experience into an adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Contact us at ZiplineX today to book your first zip line adventure, it’ll feel great to have it crossed off your summer adventure to-do card.

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