Traveling to the Pacific Northwest for the first time? Excited to indulge in some Portlandia-style antics or romp through enchanted neighborhood after enchanted neighborhood? Or maybe you are a constant visitor, enamored with the snow-capped peaks, dense acres of evergreens and vibrant urban areas. Regardless of what tourism category you do or do not fall into, no trip to the Northwest is complete without a visit to ZiplineX.

In 2017, Portland is more famous for being a unique millennial enclave than a tiny jewel of a city surrounded by tall, misty forests. Visiting the city for only what the city offers will have you missing out on what many Pacific Northwesterners are most proud of, our immaculate woods.

Change your entire Portland perspective with a trip to ZiplineX. See our stunning woods from the tippy tops of the tallest trees as you soar through the crisp fresh forest air. Climb each of our spiral staircases and get a birds-eye view of our stunning wilderness. Maybe even take your visit to the next level and bungee jump from our legendary rope bridge – either way, ZiplineX will make your visit more memorable that you ever thought possible.

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