Sure, employee-of-the month rewards, performance accolades, and the occasional company sponsored happy hour are great motivational tools, but few experiences outweigh an authentic office adventure in terms of team building and organizational growth. An office picnic will get everyone outside, but what does it offer besides an opportunity for socialization outside the office? A trip to the movies will get your team jazzed, but what can be accomplished in terms of team growth in a dark movie theatre? Dinners, galas, holiday events, they all promote socialization, but if they don’t result in the measurable achievement of your team, what are they truly worth?

Engaging your team in an adventure — a true adventure, with harnesses and helmets to boot — gives your staff the opportunity to build and grow in ways unseen at the local watering hole. By planning a performance reward that includes the entire team, requires the entire team, and positively thrills the entire team, you succeed in making lifelong memories that will solidify the radical trust and teamwork your staff has already exhibited.

ZiplineX offers a zip line course that challenges, inspires, and emboldens your team. Our sky-high course offers breathtaking views, formidable rope bridges, and the opportunity to soar through the treetops, resulting in a singularly memorable experience that will leave your team tighter and more united than ever.

Contact ZiplineX today to plan your ultimate team-building exercise and you’ll be reaping the benefits long after the last employee has touched down.