Before your big day, when a gaggle of friends and family congregate to celebrate your love before shuttling you off to settle into your new life with your darling spouse, you get a big, wild party thrown for you. It’s the American way. Spending the eve of your wedding cutting loose with your wedding party is an honored tradition! Thinking outside of the typical pre-wedding bash box could result in an adventure you’ll remember long after the hazy memories of the bar have dissipated. Creating a day of adventure that will bond you with your wedding party and allow everyone to refocus on a thrilling day of challenging physical activity is the perfect way to prepare for the big day.

Start your bachelor and bachelorette festivities with a visit to ZiplineX where you can soar through the trees on our eight zip lines, challenge yourselves to brave our towering aerial bridges, and climb to literal new heights. Before you swoon for your lover at the altar, swoon through our progressively more challenging zip line course.

ZiplineX offers tours of our zip line course for up to ten people. Arrangements can be made for larger parties as well – we’re happy to accommodate your wedding party as you blow off some pre-wedding steam. Contact ZiplineX today to make arrangements for the most memorable bachelor and bachelorette parties!