Preparing for a ZiplineX adventure is more than preparing to soar among eagles, over babbling rivers and through dense forests. It’s a thrilling experience, perfect for making memories that will last a lifetime with the people you love most in the world. But those memories will be tarnished if you’re not prepared to fully immerse yourself in the zip line adventure we offer. That said, there are a few things you and your family should know before you kick off your zip line tour with ZiplineX.

Dress comfortably. Prepare yourself to be strapped into a harness and fitted with a helmet by wearing athletic clothes that are appropriate for the weather (the PNW is notoriously schizophrenic in terms of weather). Jeans or pants that offer plenty of mobility, a shirt that is comfortable enough against your skin to shield you from the tough straps of your protective harness, sneakers or hiking boots laced up nice and tight, and long hair pulled into a low braid or folded ponytail are all encouraged.

Make sure you are using a sunscreen with a considerable SPF. ZiplineX’s course may dip in and out of dappled forest shade, but the sun will find you and burn you if you and your family are not prepared with a healthy coat of sunscreen on all your exposed flesh.

Hydrate yourself and family well before embarking on our zip line tour. Our high energy course is designed to become slightly more challenging at each level, so make sure your family is fueled up and ready to sweat.

Contact ZiplineX today to learn more about our family zip line adventures and what you’ll need to know before booking. Visit our website to see our zip line course and learn more about ZiplineX’s team and facilities.