Employee motivation can be an organic enterprise that is employee driven and conceived, or it can be a rigid structure of achievement quantifiers dictated by “someone upstairs.” Regardless of how your office celebrates its staff, we can all agree that the celebration is important, if not absolutely necessary. Showing your team you appreciate a job well done with tangible gifts has its value, but you must ask yourself how it strengthens your team as a unit.

The introduction to team building exercises can often yield a round of heavy, exasperated sighs from your team — the very term recalls days spent awkwardly playing games designed to build trust and the like, but it’s all too often a cheesy waste of time and effort. So, this begs the question — how can I reward my team for exemplary work while building their strength as a well-oiled unit?

Well, we may have something.

ZiplineX is the premier zip line course in the Porland/Vancouver area. With our eight zip lines, progressing in difficulty as your team ascends towering trees and traverses harrowing rope bridges, you’ll see your team build trust and communication while thoroughly enjoying a reward for a job well done.

Our ZiplineX course is safe, exciting fun that your whole team can cherish. Make some team memories today — contact ZiplineX for scheduling and pricing.