Portland has become quite the vacation destination. Maybe it’s our vibrant music scene and our world-renowned coffee shops and cafes. Maybe it’s our reputation as a darling of the food and wine set. Maybe it’s our sanctuary status. It’s probably all of these things and more, but arguably the most desirable destinations in the Northwest are our dense expanses of verdant forest. Visitors from all over the globe visit Portland to bask not only in our adorable city but to also bathe in the wonder of our glorious forests. ZiplineX offers Portland visitors a way to enjoy these legendary forests and to make memories that will last a lifetime.

ZiplineX is the premier zip line course of the Portland/Vancouver area. Our daring course reveals more of the spectacle that is the Northwest than any other local tour. Our progressively challenging course glides through eight zip lines, over Canyon Creek, 300 feet above the forest floor. You will test your mettle against towering trees and swaying rope bridges to fly with eagles and hawks. You will glide through our evergreens with a bird’s eye view of the endless treetops; you may even spot a Sasquatch! You never know!

ZiplineX is a safe, fun and challenging way to truly enjoy what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Visit our website to learn more about our daring course, our skilled guides and our dedication to providing you with the best part of your Portland visit.