Finally, the kids are back in school! What better way to celebrate a successful first week completed than with a trip to ZiplineX for some good, old fashioned stress relief!

Back to school can be a hard time for everyone. Adapting to a new school year, new schedules, new activities, new people, it can all be incredibly overwhelming, even for them most social among us. It’s a great time to come back together as a family and cut loose, especially in those first crucial school weeks.

The course at ZiplineX is as much of a challenge as it is an epic adventure, full of fun and excitement. When your children have successfully achieved their first-week of school — an epic challenge unto itself — a day spent gliding through the treetops among gliding hawks and eagles will feel like a walk in the park.

ZiplineX’s gradually more challenging course consists of eight zip lines and eight aerial rope bridges. The course is designed to be more demanding at each level, which is a great way for new schoolers to blow off some school year steam while getting a great workout and bonding as a family.

Once your family conquers back to school, bring them to ZiplineX so they can find out how much more of the world is still left to conquer.

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