Gift giving can be such a joy — for both the giver and the receiver! But often, we find ourselves faced with gifting someone we may not know entirely too well. In those cases, you might settle for a fancy gift card, and that would be fine, but you could also go above and beyond the call of gifting and present your companion with the priceless experience of soaring through treetops, beside eagles, criss-crossing, glittering creeks from towering heights, and traversing harrowing (but entirely safe) rope bridges high above the ground.

Giving someone the gift of a ZiplineX zip line tour means giving someone the gift of everlasting memories. ZiplineX’s course features eight progressively more challenging zip lines, eight formidable rope bridges and a spiral staircase that winds its way straight into the vast Pacific Northwest sky. A day spent with ZiplineX is more than just a “gift,” it’s an adventure the likes of which your recipient will truly never forget.

With Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, now is the time to start considering gifts for lots of folks in your life, especially the daredevils (and potential daredevils).

ZiplineX is the Portland area’s premiere zip line course. Visit our website to learn more about our course, our staff and our pricing.