Fitness fanatics looking for new and exciting fitness challenges have innumerable activities to choose from in the Pacific Northwest. From daring hikes and climbs to thrilling kayaking and rafting adventures, the PNW is replete with opportunities for outdoor excitement. Folks feeling that their current fitness regimen is a bit boring can literally step out of their front doors and within minutes be bravely navigating the intense trails through Forest Park or furiously kayaking through the Columbia Slough, or even gingerly rowing a canoe through the waters of Sauvie Island.

With a home so abundant in outdoor fun, it seems obvious that eventually, you would end up on a fantastic zip line adventure. Once you’ve conquered the land and water, what is left to conquer but the vast northwestern sky?

ZiplineX’s rigorous course offers eight progressively more challenging zip lines joined by eight towering rope bridges, hundreds of feet above the ground. Our course was designed to be fun for all ages, but it seems plain that the most daring among us will surely have the most memorable experiences.

ZiplineX’s course crisscrosses over glittering creeks, soars between treetops and offers the most stunning views this side of the Cascades. This one-of-a-kind experience will see you gliding beside hawks and eagles, climbing to daring new heights, and challenging yourself both mentally and physically.

To learn more about our course, our team and our pricing, visit ZiplineX’s website today!