It’s likely that you’ve already unlocked achievement: finish the first week of school. Congratulations! This time of year can be overwhelmingly bustling, and it’s important to take time to reconnect with your family, your partner or just yourself. For parents of school aged kiddos acclimation to new school year undertakings and forthcoming holidays can all seem like too much. Now is the perfect time to plan a getaway to ZiplineX.

At ZiplineX you can leave all your woes among the treetops as you soar gracefully between towering evergreens. If stress has you feeling like nothing but a good scream will give you relief, then ZiplineX is more than happy to not just accommodate your screams but to encourage them. Additionally, physical activity during these stressful times of year can be hugely beneficial. Focusing on the gradually more challenging ZiplineX course will remind you of your connection to the Pacific Northwest and put all your modern worries right out of your mind.

ZiplineX’s course features eight progressively more intense zip lines, connected by eight harrowing rope bridges and a spiral staircase leading straight into the wide PNW sky. Each of our highly experienced guides has several years of experience guiding newcomers and proficient zip liners alike.

Give your family the gift of stress relieving excitement and adventure at ZiplineX. Visit our website to learn more about our course, our guides ad our pricing.