Adult friendships can be difficult to maintain. With jobs, families, disparate hobbies and responsibilities, many close friendships can find themselves fallen by the wayside. And that is an unfortunate occurrence; our friendships can be influences for great good in our lives and those connections shouldn’t be disregarded on devalued. Strengthening or re-establishing those connections is vital to your happiness and well being.

That said, what can you do to encourage bonding with your buddies beside boozy Sunday brunches or sloshily exciting game days? Well, we might have an idea.

ZiplineX offers a thrilling adventure, perfect for small groups. You and your BFFs can soar through treetops together, rally through increasingly difficult exercises and daring escapades and build even stronger bonds through this shared adventure.

ZiplineX’s course features eight zip lines, each incrementally more challenging than the next, connected by eight rope bridges, swaying daringly in the Pacific Northwest breeze, and a spiral staircase that leads its participants ever higher into the bright cloud dotted sky.

Embarking on a ZiplineX tour will find you and your besties gliding through towering treetops alongside eagles and hawks, high fiving and shrieking like teenagers. Our course crisscrosses glittering creeks, verdant woods, and majestic evergreens. ZiplineX ensures not just a brilliant bonding experience but one that will encourage you to enjoy vigorous outdoor adventures.

Visit ZiplineX’s website to learn more about our tour guides, our group pricing, and our incredible zip line course.