As if you need a reason to treat yourself to the adventure a lifetime… Well, honestly, we understand if you need a bit of inspo before you take a literal leap of faith.

Zip lines are a thrilling way to see glorious natural areas of our world. From a zip line, you can soar with native birds, gaze upon resplendent flora from above and take in landscapes like you’ve never done before. Affording yourself a brand new way of seeing the world you live in is one great reason to book an adventure with ZiplineX.

Get yourself outside and enjoy the brisk PNW air. As the weather turns a bit grayer, a bit wetter and bit chillier, we Pacific Northwesterners tend to hunker down inside of our domiciles, largely missing out on substantial physical activity for months at a time.  Getting out for a brisk adventure among the evergreens that are the backbone of our metropolitan skylines will not only invigorate you, it will remind you of why you live in the PNW—and it’s not because you’re afraid of a little drizzle.

Zip lines are a classic vacation activity, but sometimes a little vacation vibe sans a week off of work is necessary. Experience your city like a tourist would and enjoy the cliched experience that so many out of town visitors positively gush about and fall in love with the PNW all over again.

ZiplineX is Portland’s premier zip line course. Our course offers eight progressively more challenging (and rewarding) lines. Visit our website to learn more about our course, our team, and our pricing.