ZiplineX boasts one of the most exciting and dynamic zip line courses in all of the Pacific Northwest. Our zip line course spans eight zip lines, eight rope bridges, and a towering spiral staircase. It’s easily one of the most beautiful ways to spend a day while visiting Portland, and a favorite local getaway for Portlanders looking to reconnect with the wild out of doors.

There are, however, zip lines around the world that rival ZiplineX in magnitude. For the truly zip line obsessed, we present the world’s most infamous zip lines.

Peru’s Amazonia Expeditions can only be reached by a four-hour speedboat ride across the Amazon River. It is the longest zip line in the Amazon, and is world-renowned for its dynamic and breathtaking views of the richly bio-diverse Amazon below.

Flight of the Gibbon, the aptly named zip line course in the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia promises heart-stopping views of the ancient Angkor Wat temple as well as many interpersonal interactions with recently re-introduced gibbons that populate the high trees.

Once you’ve committed to a ride on La Bestia (“The Beast”) at the Toro Verde Adventure Park, just outside of San Juan, you’ll be strapped in “superman style,” so you can truly have a bird’s eye view as you soar over 850 ft above the dense jungle floor.

Interested in trying Portland’s own zip line adventure course? Visit ZiplineX’s website for more info about our course, our guides, and our pricing.