You’ve decided to venture into the wild out-of-doors and experience the adventure that is a ZipineX tour. Good for you! We’ll make sure you have an experience you’ll never forget, but keeping these three things in mind as you prepare for your wild adventure will make your day even more enjoyable.

Dress to impress a tour guide who straps brave and willing souls into harnesses all day. Pants that will stand strong against a harness will keep your hips and fanny comfortable. Think dungarees or thick khakis. Shirts that protect your skin from the Pacific Northwest sun, as well as heavy chest harnesses, do double duty in keeping you safe and comfy. Avoid dressy items like skirts, flouncy blouses, and slacks or any shoe other than a comfortable hiking boot or sneaker.

Lather yourself in sunscreen, even if you don’t see the sun. The PNW is infamous for its irrational weather. Your adventure day may begin with a refreshing misty drizzle that develops into a heavy rain that then quickly becomes a blazing hot afternoon. Even dappled sunlight can result in an uncomfortable sunburn.

Eat a solid meal and hydrate well. Having a low blood sugar moment coincide with a heightened adrenaline moment can result in an uncomfortably grumpy moment. Keeping yourself well hydrated throughout your day will help you enjoy your adventure that much more.

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