ZiplineX loves serving large parties; a sky full of thrilled revelers soaring between evergreen treetops is just as thrilling for you to experience as it is for us to behold.  But large groups do have specific requirements each guest should be aware of. Planning an afternoon of epic adventures for a large group of folks can be a herculean task, but with these easy tips, you can keep your adventure memorable for the right reasons, rather than the wrong ones.

Make sure everyone arrives well fed and hydrated. One bad apple spoils the bunch, and if one of your crew feels lightheaded or ill due to low blood sugar or dehydration, it could spoil your well-planned group outing. Have your guests who are prone to low blood sugar pack a granola bar for a mid-adventure boost.

Keep everyone on the same page. Emailing detailed itineraries to your group in advance saves you the trouble of fumbling over schedules day-of. When everyone is informed the tour moves much smoother, and everyone can truly enjoy their experience.

Keep surprise elements to a minimum. Your group should all be aware that they are headed for vigorous adventures and should dress accordingly. It would be quite unpleasant for one of your guests to dress fancily for a party only to find out they’ll be strapped into harnesses and helmets forthwith.

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