Zip lining is a favorite adventure of bold travelers, so of course, some of the most beautiful regions across the nation have some of the most daring and formidable zip lines. While we love the Pacific Northwest and all the gorgeous zip line opportunities it presents, there are a handful of formidable zip lines around the country we wouldn’t mind taking a ride on.

The first and only underground zip line resides at Mega Zips at Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky. Mega Cavern is a former limestone mine whose caverns stretch to over 90 feet in height. Mega Zips’ unique underground experience features six zip lines, one that’s arranged so you and a buddy can race through the defunct mine.

SkyRider Zipline Tour in upstate New York boasts more than four and a half miles of zip line, making it the longest canopy tour in all of North America. With an apex height of 600 feet and top speeds of 50 mph, this zip line is a must-see for any true zip line fanatic.

ZiplineX, just 45 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon (what did you think, we weren’t going to include our own zip line tour?) features a dazzling Pacific Northwest experience straight out of a storybook. ZiplineX’s unique location offers you the opportunity to soar through ancient evergreens alongside bald eagles and falcons, over glittering forest creeks and through lush wooded areas only seen in the Northwest.

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