Dating can be such a hassle—being on your buttoned-up best behavior, making asinine small talk over pricey cocktails, and over-analyzing every moment. Dating can produce so much anxiety that the act itself becomes boring and pointless. It just makes sense to invite all your friends out and make a big party out of it instead. Ditch the antiquated idea of a first or second date and go big with a group outing to ZiplineX, where your date can get to know the real you while you challenge each other to complete progressively more challenging zip lines on a day you’ll never forget.

ZiplineX is a great way to spend a day with a small group of good friends, and get to know a potential paramour a little better in the process. ZiplineX’s eight zip lines crisscross over glittering streams, towering evergreens and a majestic northwest tree-line where you’ll soar beside bald eagles and puffy white clouds. The group dynamic of zip lining puts everyone at ease and makes the day that much more memorable. Chitchatting over rapidly cooling coffee just pales in comparison.

Next time you’re planning a date, and you’re excited about the potential, consider making it an event with a group trip to ZiplineX.

Visit our course page to learn more about our vigorous zip line tour, and read more about out crew and our group pricing on our FAQ page.

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