Dropping the kids off at ZiplineX while you have some well deserved quiet time is a smart way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Your kid’s small group of BFFs are going to have an absolute blast on our zip line course, and hopefully, you’ll get some well-deserved relaxation away from the (admittedly beloved) squeaks and squawks of your teens.

Before you drop your teen squad off for an adventure they’ll never forget, remember these tips to ensure a good time is had by all.

Make sure everyone is well-fed and hydrated before starting their adventure. ZiplineX’s zip line tour is vigorous, and not to be embarked on an empty stomach. Same goes for water; dehydration can cut a tour short, so make sure your team is fully hydrated.

Don’t skimp on sunscreen—even on cloudy days. Portland weather is notoriously irrational, which means it may be misty and grey when you drop ’em off but there’s no guarantee the weather will remain as such. Prepare for a fickle sun with a generous slathering of SPF.

Make sure the whole gang knows to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Tops and bottoms with a little weight to them will make the harnesses more comfortable.

There you have it! Follow these simple tips to make sure a great day is had by all. Visit Our Course page to learn more about our daring zip line tour.

Contact us for more information or call 503.520.0303