Whether it’s your first time or your 400th time on a zip line, etiquette counts. At ZiplineX, our guides have a remarkable ability to introduce zip line etiquette to novice riders and provide refresher courses for those who may have forgotten a few key points.  If you’re planning for your first ever zip line adventure or just dusting off your helmet for another afternoon of zip lining, these etiquette suggestions will make your day, and the days of your complementary riders, that much more enjoyable.

Upon the beginning of your zip line tour, pay your guide close attention as they discuss the specific etiquette of their course. Since courses can differ vastly in size, shape, and accessibility it’s likely that there are rules particular to their course. Giving them your undivided attention is a positive way to begin your tour.

As you and your group progress through the zip line course, keep your enthusiasm in line with the tour guide’s suggestions and the tone of your group. Keep an open ear turned toward your guide for crucial information.

Tipping your guide is customary, and should reflect your experience. You should never feel obligated to tip, but if your guide provided you with an exemplary experience, etiquette dictates a 10-15% tip.

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