You can be a fashionista on the zip line course, that’s for sure. Even though zip line adventures require a modicum of sensibility when it comes to the dress code, there are plenty of ways to remain fabulous as you zip through the treetops.

There are the core necessities; coverage, comfort, and capacity for function, that will make sure your day is spent in relative ease. However, these few items will take your gear to the next level, in both fashion and function.

Full coverage, Hollywood-esque sunglasses will not only keep the Pacific Northwest sun’s glare out of your eyes, they will lend a mystique to your overall look. Don’t go too dark, lest you miss out on the lush scenery below the tree canopy. Instead, try a rosy tint. Everyone knows that everything is more lovely through rose-colored glasses.

A pair of sleek driving gloves in a durable material such as leather or pleather will aid your grips during your rides and also dramatize your look. On chillier days, a pair of gloves could be the difference between a fantastic day on the course, and a miserable day for your aching fingers.

While we’re on the topic of recommended gear, may we also recommend that you avoid short shorts and skirts, for what we hope are obvious reasons.

To learn more about what you’ll need in order to dominate ZiplineX’s awesome course, visit our FAQ page.

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