Ziplining is a year-round treat. In the summer haze, a brisk flight through the dense treetops can be a refreshing exercise in cooling down. In the fall, the colors of the northwest burst like fireworks from the grassy ground to the imposing trees. Spring brings with it vibrant blooms and fragrant breezes, misty with dew. And winter dazzles, as snow glitters beneath your feet and fluffy powder shakes from the trees as your soar among them.

There is no universally accepted best time of year to visit your local zip line course, there is only the best time of year for you. Consider these few conditions when deciding on the best time of year to book your zip line tour with ZiplineX.

Summertime zip line adventures will likely be a tad more crowded than other times of the year. Zip lining also requires full coverage clothing and heavy harnesses which can be uncomfortable for some on particularly warm days. Otherwise, summer is peak zip line season so book your tour a few weeks ahead to ensure your spot.

Fall is a bit cooler, which makes the required gear a bit easier to find comfort in. This time of year is excellent for zip line adventures due to the amazing Northwestern fall foliage, but don’t forget warm socks and maybe gloves!

Winter months can be the most glorious months for a zip line tour. Soaring through a snow dusted treeline while freshly fallen snow glitters beneath you is a singular experience you will likely remember for a lifetime.

Spring offers soft, fragrant blooms and formidable gusts of misty breezes. The only drawback to a spring zip line tour is the proliferance of pollen, which could prove uncomfortable for those who suffer seasonal allergies.

To learn more about the best time to book your ZiplineX tour, visit our Course and FAQ pages.

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