Before many of us had laid eyes on a real-life zip line, we saw one in a movie. We may not have known what we were looking at, but sure enough, these iconic zip line moments are forever cemented in our pop culture memory.

When Doc Brown soars from the clock tower to the ground in Back To The Future, an entire generation held their breath in anticipation. Doc Brown used a heavy-duty electrical cable attached to the clock tower to zip to the ground and fix a break in his line, ensuring the time-traveling DeLorean receives its 1.21 gigawatts of power and Marty McFly could safely return to the 1980s.

Jack Sparrow became our official favorite movie pirate when he improvised a zip line to escape the Royal Marines in Pirates of the Caribbean.  Using his handcuffs, he zip lines not only to freedom, but straight into our hearts.

One of the most memorable moments in 2017’s hit movie, Girls Trip featured Jada Pinkett Smith zip lining over Bourbon Street while a crowd below gawks. We’ll save you the subsequent details of her harrowing zip line experience, but rest assured, that scene alone is worth the price of admission.

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