What better way to prepare for a night of scream-filled fun than with a day of scream-filled fun? At ZiplineX you can get your whole squad in the mood for the best Halloween ever by kicking off your festivities with a trip through our daring zip line course. Starting your Halloween weekend with a visit to the Pacific Northwest’s favorite zip line adventure course ensures perfectly primed pipes for all the frightened hollering you plan to do over the course of the holiday festivities—and we hope you plan to do quite a bit of hollering!

ZiplineX features eight zip lines of increasing arduousness to challenge your constitution and inspire your fortitude – both useful perks going into an eventful Halloween weekend. Between each of these daring zip lines are heroic rope bridges you’ll fearlessly cross before soaring effortlessly through evergreen treetops and Autumn’s best foliage. With each level, your Halloween readiness will increase incrementally until you are ready to greet the spookiest weekend of the year with indomitable enthusiasm.

ZiplineX’s course will send you soaring through a magnificent forest, crisscrossing over glittering streams, and gliding under the watchful eyes and breathtaking wingspans of local hawks and bald eagles.

Start Halloween with an adventure you’ll never forget. Visit ZiplineX’s FAQ page to learn more about our course, our guides, and our pricing.

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