Fall in the Pacific Northwest means aggressively chilly winds, heavy, often pounding rains, and endless granite-gray skies, but it hypocritically also means powder blue skies dotted with fluffy violet smeared clouds, refreshing river breezes, and some of the most beautiful foliage in the country. Despite the schizophrenic weather, Portland in fall is excellent for outdoor adventuring—as long as you have the right gear. Here are a few of our recommendations for fall outdoor gear to make your upcoming zip line (or hiking, or climbing) adventure that much more comfortable.

Shearling, leather or faux leather gloves—A dependable glove can be your best friend in the brisk forests of the northwest. Find a glove that repels water and maintains your body heat, so your fingers don’t get stiff and brittle. Avoid cotton knits; they will lose their insulation capabilities the minute they get wet.

A water-resistant soft-shell jacket—Mobility is chief when adventuring in the wild out of doors. Bulky jackets with cumbersome hoods that restrict movement and diminish your vision just won’t do. Visit your local REI or even a local second-hand store to find many soft-shell jackets perfect for fall adventuring.

Wool socks—Poly-cotton blends will let your feet down the minute they absorb even a drop of water, but 100% wool socks can get wet and still maintain your body heat. Just be careful with them come wash day – wool shrinks in the dryer!

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