If you’re a zip line aficionado then you are, no doubt, a thrillseeking adventurer of the highest sort. Pursuing adventure and excitement in the Pacific Northwest is probably your thing, and we love that about you. Needless to say, your Instagram account is likely overflowing with gorgeous outdoor shots, so you’ll be in good company by following these other epic PNW outdoor adventurers. Maybe you can all meet up for a zip line adventure one day…maybe.

@emitoms is a popular Portland photographer whose breathtaking outdoor images capture the beauty of the wild areas of Portland in broad sweeping shots and delicate detail shots. Her Instagram is dedicated to the verdant landscape of the Pacific Northwest and serves as fabulous inspiration to get into the wild out of doors.

@morganphillips populates his Instagram account with snow-peaked Washington mountains and evergreen hillsides strewn with silver mist. His Insta account is an emotional love letter to the Northwest in all its dewy, grey glory. Scroll through his page just before hitting the trail for a day hike to galvanize your excitement.

@nataliewall knows that, with the right person behind the lens, there is no shortage of amazing outdoor shots provided by the PNW. Her dreamy images are a superb marriage of romanticism and epic landscapes, and scrolling through them is a perfect way to end a robust adventure day.

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