The Pacific Northwest is a wonderland of outdoor adventures for discerning travelers worldwide. Our verdant evergreen state parks are replete with some of the most dazzling foliage in the nation, our raging coastline is a demonstration of the tranquility and violence the ocean is capable of, and our bright, vibrant cities are beloved tourist destinations crisscrossed with glittering rivers and dotted by extinct volcanoes. There are a million things to do and see when visiting the Northwest, but we highly recommend these three adventures for traveling outdoor enthusiasts.

Crabbing on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is heralded for its sweet, flaky Dungeness Crab, and considering it’s a mere 1.5 to 2-hour drive out of town, it’s a very do-able day trip. If you love seafood, there is no better way to spend a day than out at sea, collecting crab pots for a deliciously decadent dinner.

Rock Climbing at Smith Rock

Smith Rock State Park’s sheer cliffs of tuff and basalt are ideal for rock climbing, regardless of your skill level. Located in central Oregon, this is an adventure that should begin at the crack of dawn, ensuring plenty of sunlight hours for scaling the red rocks.

Zip Lining at ZiplineX

ZiplineX is Portland’s favorite zip line adventure course. Glide through towering evergreens, over babbling creeks, and alongside bald eagles on our eight-zip line course.

Visit ZiplineX’s Course and FAQs pages to learn more about our challenging, thrilling zip line tours.

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