If you are an avid adventurer with small children, it’s likely in your consciousness to engage your children in the same type of vigorous outdoor activity you yourself so enjoy. This can play out as a clever, novice climbing wall integrated into a larger play structure, or as a towering treehouse, built by hand with little adventurers in mind, or as both of these with a short, safe zip line stretched tightly between them.

Before they can graduate to Smith Rock, Ape Canyon, or ZiplineX, they’ll have their greatest adventures in your own backyard. Creating these play zones can be a labor of true love; for both your kiddos and all the fun they are so sure to have. We’ve grabbed two of our favorite easy tutorials for creating junior zip lines in your own outdoor spaces that will prepare your child for all the wonder and adventure available to them in the Pacific Northwest—specifically the wonder and adventure provided by ZiplineX, Portland’s premier zip line course.

Blogger Heather Lynne at HowDoesShe.com assembled this super simple starter zip line that’s perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers. She uses affordable hardware easily found in your local hardware store. Decide the highest point carefully and supervise all rides to make sure your kids get the best experience you can provide.

The geniuses at Make Magazine have put together this great article on creating your own zip line course. This is another no-frills, gravity slowed zip line that’s best for kids not quite ready to glide with eagles but still craving a bit of adrenaline. As always, supervise children as they play on these structures to ensure a safe time is had by all.

When they’re ready to zip line with the big kids, make a reservation at ZiplineX. Check out Our Course for some inspiration.

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