There are many meaningful and memorable life events that could be celebrated with a visit to ZiplineX. Thrilling life changes require thrilling celebrations, and making memories is even better when you have multiple reasons to cheer yourself on.


Whether or not you want to actually wed on a zip line course is up to you, but your honeymoon should consist of at least one visit to a harrowing zip line course. At ZiplineX you and your newly betrothed can soar alongside eagles, over glittering streams, and across a verdant forest floor.  Celebrate breathtaking love with a breathtaking adventure for a breathtaking future together.


If you had the drive and determination to complete a degree in higher learning, chances are you could use a few good hours of screaming into the wind. Finishing high school or college is tantamount to closing a chapter of your life. Signify this substantial life event by swinging through trees while opening your mind to all the new possibilities of life now available to you.

21st, 30th, 40th or 50th Birthdays

Landmark birthdays are all about the celebrations. Celebrate your landmark with a high flying adventure you’ll never forget. Bring your friends and family so they can cheer you on while you bravely soar into another year of life on earth.

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