The perfect date; what does it consist of? Romance? Intrigue? Shameless flirting? Screaming in exhilaration? Regardless of what your idea of the ideal date is, ZiplineX is ready to shatter it and replace it with an adventure that will eliminate the superficial pleasantries of dating and replace them with vulnerable hollering and breathtaking adventure.

The perfect zip line date should start with a smart, healthful meal. Be it a rich smoothie or a pastel yogurt bowl, arrive at your adventure with a comfortably satiated stomach so you won’t confuse the butterflies of emerging love with the grumbling of emerging hunger.

Dress for the adventure, not for titillation. Sturdy pants, comfortable shoes, and breathable tops will imbue you with the attractiveness of comfort and level the “fashion-for-dating” playing field.

Add a few rose petals to your water bottles to supplement a romantic atmosphere as you push through increasingly challenging zip lines, and further up towering evergreen treetops. Roses on a date are an antiquated prerequisite, transform the classic date night gift into something far more useful. Bonus, if you get to kiss, the scent of roses will prevail.

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