As the weather turns chillier, it’s important for outdoor adventure enthusiasts to make sure their gear is up for the cold weather challenge.  Whether your adventure of choice is a vigorous trail hike, a brisk bike ride, or an afternoon of zip lining, having the right gear is essential. Here are our favorite suggestions for cold weather gear that will make all your fall and winter adventures that much more comfortable.

Wool Socks

We are huge supporters of 100% wool socks for outdoor activity during the rainy season. While cotton blends will quickly turn cold when doused, wool will retain your body heat no matter how drenched they become. Our favorite brands include REI, Icebreaker, and Smartwool.

Rain Jackets

Jacket culture is a real thing in Portland; you’ve got your Mountain Hardware, your Columbia, your Outdoor Research, and innumerable other manufacturers, all with their own benefits and drawbacks. For PNW fall and winter outdoor feats, we love Filson and Pendleton, both legacy Northwest brands that feature the highest quality wool construction.

Waterproof Boots

When the rain starts falling, Portlanders enthusiastically unpack their boots. In a town with an annual rainfall as great as Portland’s, quality boots are essential. Local fave Danner has a great reputation for high-quality footwear built for the Northwest.

Once you’ve got your cold weather gear squared away, contact ZiplineX to schedule your epic zip line adventure. Visit our Course and FAQ pages to learn more.

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