We’ve all got that one friend; the person who thrives on adventure and excitement, who has an epic story for every sportsmanlike activity, and who is always the first person to throw the gauntlet down on a new outdoor exploit. But we also have a few other friends that may not proclaim their thrill-seeking tendencies, but revel in them just the same. If this gifting season has you considering out of the box gifting measures, maybe a ZiplineX gift certificate could be the perfect gift for one of these three types of friends:

The Shy One

Encourage their wild side with an afternoon of soaring through treetops and gliding across glittering creeks side by side with hawks and eagles. This gift could be the perfect thing for your quiet pal who appreciates getting a little wild every now and again.

The Busy One

Your professional pals who put more into their careers than anything else could definitely use an afternoon of complete and total recreation. ZiplineX’s course will clear their mind with vigorous climbs toward increasingly challenging rope bridges and zip lines, leaving them refreshed and ready to dive headfirst back into their workweeks.

The Cocky One

Your friend who loves a good tale to embellish upon will revel in a day of memory making on the course at Zipline – plus it will give them fuel for their next round of wildly elaborated adventure stories.

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