Embarking on a wild adventure requires a heroic playlist; a collection of thrilling songs that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and rustle all manner of butterflies from the pits of your stomach. Start your day at ZiplineX with a playlist featuring a few of these inspirational anthems to get yourself mentally prepared for all the awesome physical activity you’re about to embark on.

Hot In Here, Nelly

We dare you to refrain from joining in on the legendary chorus of this mid-00s hip-hop party anthem. As a request, however, save the taking off of all your clothes for post zip line adventure.

Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes

Air drumming is the best way to shake out your pre-adventure anxiety. Let the staccato strikes of Meg White’s drumsticks guide you to a placid arrival to ZiplineX. You may proceed to air drum throughout your adventure if that’s what suits you.

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher, Jackie Wilson

This song is pretty appropriate for a day of climbing higher and higher into the stratosphere.

This Is How We Do It, Montell Jordan

This song is guaranteed to get the party started and is the ultimate beginning of any fun event or activity.

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