The month of November is officially recognized as Aviation History month. What better way to celebrate so many great feats of aviation than to soar through the evergreen treetops of the Pacific Northwest? At ZiplineX you can let your inner aviator free, flying over glittering rivers and beside hawks falcons and eagles. Take some inspiration for your next zip line adventure from these three monumental moments in aviation!


It was in 1846 that Sir George Cayley’s legacy as the grandfather of aviation was cemented. Sir George laid down a crucial foundation without which, today’s modern airplane would not be possible. Sir George is largely responsible for our human understanding of the principles of bird flight. This knowledge helped him in his studies of how weight related to flight.


It was in 1891 that Samuel Pierpont Langley published his seminal work on the subject of aerospace, Experiments in Aerodynamics. This book detailed his research in the field of automatic aerodynamic stability. In May of 1896, Langley’s plane, The Aerodrome No. 5 made the first successful sustained flight.


The Wright Brothers made their famous flight in 1902 after many failed attempts that spanned over two years. According to the Smithsonian Institution and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale the Wrights made the first sustained, controlled, and manned flight at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina in 1903.

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