Zip line adventurers; before you can fully enjoy your day among the treetops, it’s important to get a great start. Waking up rested and refreshed will only get you so far. Consider these few tips to get your day started off right, and you’re sure to enjoy your zip line adventure that much more.

Eat a Hearty (But Not Too Hearty) Breakfast

You’ll need fuel in your tank to conquer our prodigious zip line course, but beware, overeating on adventure day could lead to serious discomfort once you’re on the course.

Hydrate – More than your morning tea or coffee, make sure you’ve consumed plenty of H2O. Regardless of the weather report, you’re likely to break out into a sweat — make sure you’ve got enough water to perspire without any dehydrating consequences.

Stretch Your Body Out

ZiplineX’s course is challenging; demanding progressively more energy at every level. Engage your muscles pre-zip line with some simple stretches that’ll keep you limber through your trip.

Dress for the Weather and the Workout

Whether the forecast is wet or dry, dress in smart layers so you can maintain your comfort levels throughout the course. A waterproof shell, moisture wicking top, and comfortable shoes will keep you comfy for the duration of your zip line adventure.

Plan your zip line adventure today! Visit ZiplineX’s Course and FAQs pages to learn more about our gorgeous zip lines.

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