A trip with the family to ZiplineX — what an adventure! Your family will never forget their day spent soaring among evergreens, over glittering creeks and mossy forest floors. These memories will last forever, so make sure you start the adventure with a genuine surprise that will leave you family thrilled and excited. Consider these three surprise tactics to keep adventure day exciting from start to finish.


Pack a picnic and tell your family you’ll be spending the day on the lawn of a public park. Stress just how mundane and banal this picnic is going to be. Make a playlist of smooth jazz songs to get everyone in the mood, then POW — reveal your actual plan for the day; an epic zipline adventure!


Tell your family you volunteered them to clean up a kindergarten’s outdoor sandboxes for the day. Make sure everyone’s in comfortable clothes, has gloves and as an extra touch, provide them with painter’s masks. Tell them this community clean-up initiative has residents from Portland visit Washington and vice versa. Them BAM — pull up to ZiplineX and holler SURPRISE!


Make each family member write a basic weekend activity (going to the mall, taking a bike ride, etc) down on a tiny sheet of paper. Pull one from a hat. Reveal it to no one but instruct your family to be ready for their surprise adventure on the designated day. Then WHAM — arrive at ZiplineX and tell them you chose your own sheet of paper.

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