Honeymoons in the Pacific Northwest are truly magical; emerald green forests, bright blue skies, crisp clean air, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure- zip line trips included. If your honeymoon adventure plan involves a trip down ZiplineX’s course, consider these tips to ensure a love filled the day for all.

Bring a camera you can both use.

Rely on one phone or digicam for all your memory making. Trade off between trips down the lines to create a linear photo journal of your day together, rather than assembling disparate memories from two devices.

Get a Go-Pro camera.

If you don’t already own one, consider buying or borrowing a Go-Pro camera for your trip. Go-pro cameras are adventure proof, high-quality video cams that can make your epic day of zipping lining legendary—and your friends won’t roll their eyes when it’s time to look at your honeymoon photo/video memories.

Request a solo tour at ZiplineX.

Ensure your adventure is yours alone by forgoing the usual motley crew of varied zipliners. Request a solo tour and you can make-out before each zip line without judgment.

If you’re planning a zip line adventure for your Pacific Northwest honeymoon, contact ZiplineX first, ZiplineX is Portland’s favorite zip line course and one of the Northwest’s most popular destinations.

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