In the Pacific Northwest, adventure can be found in every season. While zip lining is best enjoyed in warmer months, there is an endless amount of outdoor fun to be had year round. Gear is an important part of enjoying the outdoors in the Northwest, especially in these colder winter months. Here are our top picks for winter footwear so you can get into the wild out of doors regardless of the weather.

Under Armour Clackamas 200

This tall hiking boot can conquer the freshest, tallest piles of snow with ease, keeping your tootsies well insulated all the while. Features include waterproof exterior and a memory foam foot bed.

L.L.Bean Bean Boot

You can’t go wrong with this classic winter boot. These boots will keep you warm and dry in weather as brutal as -35 degrees. The classics stay that way for a reason, as evidenced by L.L. Bean and their ever-popular winter boot.

Saucony Razor Ice+

For outdoor enthusiasts more concerned with trail running than ambling hikes, these sneaker/winter boot hybrids will support ankles and prevent slippage while they attack mossy mountain trails. This revolutionary shoe acts as a low-key crampon that also gets stickier as it comes in contact with wet surfaces, which makes it perfect for runners who won’t be discouraged by snow, rain, or ice-slicked streets.

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