Some might argue that the winter is the best time to hit Portland’s most frequented sightseeing trails. While locals are mostly undeterred by cold, wet weather, tourists are unlikely to congest these gorgeous trails in the depths of winter, leaving more of those gorgeous views for us Portland adventurers. Here are a few of our favorite sightseeing trails to explore in these cold winter months.

Powell Butte

This huge loop is a perennial favorite but remains mostly devoid of bustle this time of year. This hike can be especially breathtaking on crisp, clear winter days when the snowy peak of Mt Hood glistens ethereally amidst cushiony clouds and endless blue sky.

Mt Tabor

Everyone’s favorite mid-city volcano offers singular views year-round but in winter, visitors can have a chance to catch the extraordinary winter Portland landscape, devoid of deciduous trees with only the towering evergreens leading towards and away from the glittering Willamette River.

Audubon Society of Portland Sanctuary

Forest Park’s many trails are mostly accommodating despite wintry weather, but none parallels the Audubon Society’s remarkable nature trail that remains replete with diverse flora and fauna all season long.

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Image source: Mt. Tabor with water reservoir and downtown Portland by Eaaumi