The Zip Line Course:

The Zip Line Tour includes 8 aerial bridges, 8 zip lines, multiple ladders and a spiral staircase. It takes about 2 hours to complete. ZiplineX is designed to be High, Fast and Challenging. We begin on a training zip line that is 24 feet off the ground and as we move through the course it becomes higher, faster and more exciting. Zip line among the treetops and at a height of over 280′ as you cross Canyon Creek (twice!) ZiplineX offers 8 ziplines and is only 45 minutes away from the Portland, Oregon airport.  As you zip line across the canyon, you may even see bungee jumpers diving from the bridge, or the occasional bald eagle. It is an amazing experience. Book a Tour!

zipline_x_zip_lining_course_01 zipline_x_zip_lining_course_02 zipline_x_zip_lining_course_03
zipline_x_zip_lining_course_04 zipline_x_zip_lining_course_05 zipline_x_zip_lining_course_06
zipline_x_zip_lining_course_07 zipline_x_zip_lining_course_08 zipline_x_zip_lining_course_09
 Zipline_X_Zip_Lining_Course_10  Zipline_X_Zip_Lining_Course_11  Zipline_X_Zip_Lining_Course_12