Short winter days may keep us from many all-day outdoor activities, but there are numerous trails that dedicated hikers can visit in the frosty wee hours of the morning to experience a transcendent a.m. hike. Visit one of these three amazing trails for your next early morning adventure.

Pittock Mansion From Lower MacLeay Park

This iconic Portland hike is made even more ethereal in the dewy, pre-dawn hours. Settle in for a spectacular sunrise over Mt Hood before letting the frosted lawn beneath your feet crunch as you explore the acreage.

Council Crest

If bold cityscapes are more your speed, there is no more captivating trailhead that that of Council Crest. With handfuls of trails leading to and from Council Crest’s paved plateau, there are a healthy variety of nature trails for most experience levels.

Forest Park Maple-Wildwood Loop

This tucked away loop is perfectly emblematic of Forest Park – surrounded by urban areas but impressively detached from the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, this loop is remarkably isolated, perfect for meditative early morning hikes.

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