Your zip line adventure will be an adventure you’ll never forget—hopefully for the “right” reasons. The “right” reasons include harrowing trips over swaying rope bridges, effortless gliding through the towering evergreen treetops of the Pacific Northwest, and possibly catching a glance of a majestic bald eagle. These are all typical takeaways from a ZiplineX tour. However, there are simple ways in which your zip line tour could be memorable for the “wrong” reasons. Those reasons include early fatigue, muscle cramps, dehydration, and discomfort. Follow these training tips leading up to your ZiplineX tour to ensure a fabulous and unforgettable trip.

Hydrate daily, and no, La Croix doesn’t count. Focus instead on hand-pressed juices, herbal tea, and flat water. Building up your hydration means you’ll be better equipped to tackle the demands of our zip line course without falling prey to dehydration, which can quickly put a damper on your, and everyone on your tour’s experience.

Have a meal before you arrive, but don’t overeat. Adrenaline has a way of turning your stomach upside down, so save your indulgences for after your tour. You’ll really feel like you earned that cupcake, donut, or entire cream pie once you’ve conquered our course.

Do a handful of simple stretches the morning of your zip line tour to ensure you’re nice and limber for the day’s vigorous activity. Simply touching your toes and stretching out your hips and thighs could save you from painful cramping later in the day.

To learn more about preparing for your ZiplineX adventure, visit our Course, FAQ and Pricing pages.

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