It may be the offseason for zip lining, but that just means you have more time to prepare for your spring and summer visits to ZiplineX. Preparing for your next zip lining adventure could involve researching worldwide zip lines, un-learning a fear of heights, buying the best outdoor gear, or just streaming movies with zip lining scenes. If you’re opting for the latter, hey, we feel ya; here are our favorite movies to watch to get hyped for our next trip down the zip line.

Back To The Future

In possibly the most epic zip lining scene in Hollywood history, Doc Brown saves the day by ziplining from the legendary clocktower to make sure Marty Mc Fly will indeed get back to the future. And yes, this classic still holds up.

Rush Hour Two

Honestly, you could probably watch any Jackie Chan movie and get amped to try some aerial stunts of your own, but in this sequel, Chan zips down a line of Chinese lanterns, inspiring us all to seek out some of that sweet zip line action out for ourselves.

Grown Ups

Steve Buscemi screaming, “I’M AN ANIMAL!” while zip lining with his feet over a crowded water park and through the wall of a snack shack is just good filmmaking if you ask us.

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